Tenax Eliox Kit Part A & B

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Tenax Eliox is an extra clear epoxy knife grade glue approved for food contact. Can be used indoor and outdoor. This product is extra clear, soft and light, easy to spread and with a high gloss and brightness.



The Eliox is Easy to Use

Several factors contribute to an adhesive’s ease of use. Workability, color control, and a number of other factors affect the ease of use of this glue. Each aspect playing a valuable role in the process.

Eliox’s Workability

The more workable the adhesive is, the easier it is to mix and apply. Eliox A+B is soft and therefore mixes easily. And when it is time to apply it to the material, it spreads nicely and doesn’t fight you like some glue.

Eliox Stays Out of Your Way Visually

The transparency of this glue also is a factor in its ease of use. Many times you want the glue to stay out of the way and do its job. That’s what Eliox does. It is Extra Clear and bright. This translates to an adhesive that is invisible and let’s the colors of the sotne stand out. It is also easy to polish so if you are working with a glossy finish, it will fit the bill. And if you want to color match, Eliox is easy to color.

Additional information

Weight5,2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × 7 in


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