5 Reasons to Consider License Plate Cameras

License plate recognition cameras are also known as Tag Rec cameras.

With the advent of license plate recognition cameras, the face of parking enforcement is undergoing a sea change. The use of this technology is valuable in pay by plate parking as well as the Tag Rec cameras installed on toll roads and mounted on urban city traffic lights help track down criminal suspects, identify stolen vehicles, and much more.

The cameras, which can be affixed to either stationary or mobile objects anywhere including gated communities, construction sites, commercial properties, garages, and parking lots.

There are two types of license plate recognition cameras on the market – true LPR cameras and standard security cameras that are capable of reading license plates.The second type of camera is commonly known as license plate capture or simply LPC.

Apart from saving parking management time eliminating manual check of each parked vehicle's license frames, check out the following advantages of license plate recognition cameras.

1. Improved Technology

Tag recognition cameras can easily be integrated with existing security software and digital recording devices. They are now faster with top-level accuracy with instant reads and positive verification based on the type and color of the vehicles.

With high-definition resolution and the ability to customize for short as well as long-range applications, sensory tensor technology has become affordable and reliable. The ultra-fast shutter speeds capture 1000+ license frames per second, delivering crisp, accurate images with infrared ensuring superior images regardless of weather conditions.

2. Multifaceted security solution

LPRs is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial customers considering to enhance their security. With LPR technology, you can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic at a single entrance point or across an entire property using vehicle-mounted cameras and mobile apps.

3. Connectivity

When LPR is integrated into other systems, license plate frames can be flagged to send an email alert or to the security desk. If there is concern over a disgruntled person on the premises, the appropriate parties will be notified even before the person gets out of his/her car.

4. Reliability

Every car has that are rarely changed. Remembering a pin code or holding the tag upright for the reader to acknowledge is gone. Updates regarding adding or removing access as needed can be done with an IP connected LPR.

5. Speed

Parking enforcement staff can locate the violators exactly if you can include maps as well.Some LPRs can read plates at speeds above 50MPH thereby eliminating gates and security posts that slow traffic.

LPRs are a tried and tested technology on which law enforcement officials can rely on to help keep both themselves and the public safe. They can be added to an already existing access control, CCTV, and security systems or installed as standalone units.

There are many variations of License Plate Reader technology available on the market for your parking management solution that can fit into almost any budget. Tag rec cameras enhance track movement, awareness, support investigations, and can extend the reach of your current security system.

LPR system is a great invention that uses cameras to track activities and record information in a database for later use.With IP connectivity they can easily be managed from a central office off-site.

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