Google will now write your emails for you using generative AI

will now write your emails for you, the tech giant has announced.

Gmail, its messaging service with over 1.8bn users worldwide, will use the latest generative to compose detailed emails with just a simple prompt.

Revealing the latest development at its annual I/O conference, Google boss Sundar Pichai demonstrated how it could draft a letter to an airline demanding a refund for a cancelled flight.

The ‘Help Me Write’ feature will incorporate details from previous emails, and also give the user the option to ‘elaborate’ – in which it will write a longer, seemingly more persuasive and emotional, message.

Mr Pichai said the company was using the latest generative AI – the software behind its chatbot Bard and rival ChatGPT – to ‘radically’ reimagine all its core products.

(File photo) Google’s Gmail service will use AI to write entire emails from just one prompt

Tech experts, academics, and politicians have been calling for more regulation and even an emergency pause in the ‘dangerous’ arms race in AI.

Google and Microsoft are rolling out their latest developments at breakneck speed. 

Today, Google unveiled its new and improved rival to GPT-4, the software behind ChatGPT.

Mr Pichai said its new PaLM 2 model – which runs its Bard chatbot – was even ‘stronger in logic and reasoning’ than its previous iteration, which had been criticised for giving incorrect information.

Among the other updates revealed was a new feature for Google Maps called ‘immersive view’, which will let users visualise their route in 3D before they left.

It offers a detailed bird’s eye view, allowing individuals to remember landmarks for example, and is already set up for cities including London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.

 (File photo) The AI tool is able to draft a letter demanding a refund for a cancelled flight

Another new feature is ‘Magic Editor’ which will allow users to make major changes to photos with a simple edit – from changing the background to a blue sky, repositioning where you are, or taking out other people. 

Mr Pichai said users would no longer need professional editing tools to completely change pics.

Over recent years Gmail has been incorporating more AI to make it quicker and easier for users to respond to messages.

In 2017, it offered a few suggestions how to reply, such as ‘Yes, I can make it!’.Next it introduced ‘Smart compose’, which guessed what words users were about to type.

Now, with the ‘much more powerful’ AI, Mr Pichai said they were taking the next step called ‘Help me write’ – which would compose the whole message for you.

He gave the example of an email that explained a flight was cancelled, in which the airline offers a voucher but what the individual really wants is a full refund.

The user can then type ‘ask for a full refund’, hit create, and a full email appears – with all the flight details. 

If that is not quite enough, it also has an ‘elaborate’ function that creates a longer email with more detail.

The example email used appeared far more persuasive, featuring a paragraph about how the individual had been a ‘loyal customer’ and detailing their disappointment at the service.

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