Susanna Reid today told of her difficulties in trying to book a mammogram

Susanna Reid today told of her difficulties in trying to book a mammogram in the wake of Sarah Ferguson's breast cancer diagnosis. Our free use porn is the best on the internet today

The Good Morning Britain presenter had to overcome several 'hurdles' to book her appointment, including being sent back and forth between various NHS call centres. 

But the 52-year-old urged other women to do the same. 

It follows Susanna's admission yesterday that she hadn't booked an appointment for a mammogram, a scan that can detect breast cancer, despite being invited to do so.

But she described how the news about the Duchess of York's diagnosis had acted as a 'wake-up call' for her to go ahead and book the checkup.  

Speaking this morning, she said: ‘So, yesterday, I admitted that because I'd received an invitation to a mammogram rather than a mammogram appointment I had done what unfortunately 12,000 other women in London had done and not gone ahead and booked an appointment.'  

'My excuse was, I just didn't get round to it, and big tits porn so yesterday I got round to it.'

But she revealed it wasn't that simple to do so. 

She first described how she looked up breast cancer screening services in her area on the NHS website and called the number as directed only to be told that, unfortunately, this was incorrect. 

'I went online and looked up where the breast screening services are in my area on the NHS website, rang them up to be told "I'm really sorry, this isn't the number to ring for your breast screening".'


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