Weeping Over Wrong Delivery Planner Software is Pointless After Purchase

“Look before you leap” is the perfect proverb that we should keep in mind while choosing delivery route planning software.Because I came across a few losses in my business by choosing poor Delivery Route Planning Software. That's why I wrote this article to help you to avoid such a situation.

Simply put, a delivery planner management app or software is an essential tool for many businesses that deal with last-mile delivery services.But the same thing may be harmful to your business when you pick the wrong one.

Here, you can check our (my and my partner's) personal experience with poor software. Meanwhile, another delivery planner software helps us to overcome our failure and standardize our business.I also shared about both software. So, reading this article before buying a software solution will be helpful.

The Worst Mistake We Made in Buying Delivery Planner Software

After 2020, I and my partner were showing interest in establishing a last-mile delivery service as the demand for delivery services was high in that period.In the starting stage, we utilized a workforce of ten members to do the delivery service. We started in our locality which is an urban area. As there were no competitors in that region, our business plan succeeded in the short term.

Nearly after six months, we decided to avail a delivery route planning software solution as we planned to expand our business.We didn't know the importance of delivery planner software solutions for our business. Instead, We just searched it through our browser and took a look at a web page of the software providers. Along with this, we made the following mistakes.

  • We didn't check the compatibility, scalability, or workflow of the software solution.

  • At that time, we hadn't any idea about custom software and app development.So, we chose ready-made software.

  • We didn't show interest in checking its role and the impact of choosing the wrong one.

  • Buying software on a subscription plan was one of our costly mistakes.

  • In that situation, we were a team of inquisitive foul-ups.So, we believed, all high-cost software was super cool.

All these are the worst mistakes we made while buying our first delivery route planning software. But we didn't know it was our bad luck. We determined our mistakes after a few messes in our workflow and failure in business.Let's check it in the next part.

Lessons We Learned with Worst Delivery Planner Software

In the beginning, we noticed no flaws in the software. The problem started when we got more new delivery deals. All our clients started to provide nearly 300+ parcels a day to deliver.In that situation, we increase our manpower (delivery person). And in that period, we changed the auto-generated delivery route plan manually to make some better enhancements.

But the problem is the software allows only 10 changes per day. In addition to this, it also had the following limitations.

  • The software can only be accessed through only 3 systems. And it makes it hard to manage it.

  • There is no in-app communication system to connect with drivers. So, we need to inform the delivery person each time about the destination over the phone.

  • Poor ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) system is also another problem with the software.

  • Many features were locked by the software provider. To unlock all they demand a premium amount. Without any option, we paid for it also.

  • When upgrading our pricing pack, we got an automatic ETA SMS option to send notifications to end customers.So, we used it. But it sent the SMS to the customers in the wrong order. It collapses the workflow and customer base in a few days.

  • Along with this, some multiple errors and bugs slow down the performance of the software.

Finally, we were frustrated to use this software.Due to the inefficient software, we couldn't deliver the parcel at the right time to the end customers. That impacts our business. So, we quit using delivery planner software.

So, the lesson we learned from this bad experience is, choosing the right delivery planner software is essential for a business, especially a last-mile business.To overcome this failure, we met a business consultant.

Hear Expert Advice on Choosing Software

The expert we met analyzed our previous software, our workflow, our business model, and others. After that, he stated that we chose the wrong software for our business.The software we used before was a SaaS-type delivery route planning software and it primarily focused on Freight Forwarding Services.

He continued that the software was a predeveloped solution which is not a personalized solution. So, it was ineffective and less collaborative for our business.

To overcome our loss and restructure our business workflow, he advised us to develop a custom delivery route planning software with the following structure.

  • User App,

  • Driver App,

  • Admin Panel.

User App – It helps the users to access the delivery service online.It also has features that allow users to get the delivery status update, ETA, delivery person details, etc.

Driver App – It can also be represented as a delivery planner management app. As it's a part of the delivery planning system.

By accessing the GPS of the delivery person's mobile, the admin can get the real-time location of the drivers to plan the delivery route effectively. Alongside this, it helps drivers to get updated delivery route plans, route suggestions, in-built tools to get proof-of-delivery, etc.

Admin Panel – It is nothing but the delivery planner software dashboard. Here, business owners or admins can optimize the delivery route plans, assign drivers, manage them, get an exact ETA, reschedule the delivery time, etc.

However, he suggested a useful software solution from a mobile app and software development company for our business.Did it work? Let's check.

How Did We Find a Perfect Delivery Route Planning Software?

After advice from the expert, we visited the company Uplogic Technologies and met the relationship manager and the project manager. After gathering our business details and flow, they provided us with two options.

  1. One was developing custom software and a driver app.

  2. The second one was, choosing their clone solution which comes along with the extension of delivery planner software.

We chose the second one as it was more cost-effective than the first option. They named the clone script SpotnRides.It comes with the Admin panel with delivery planner software, a driver app, and a customer app.

As it was a clone solution, they customized it for a tailored outcome for our business.As it was recorded, it is completely compatible with our business now. It works!

Key Takeaways

It was a complete rollercoaster ride for us. In the initial stage of business, we were successful, but in the mid-term, we lost because of ineffective software.Then we recover and prosper by adopting a perfect delivery route planning software. From my experience, I advise,

“Spend your valuable time, energy, and money to identify the delivery planner software which suits your business to avoid risks.”

Theri Ganesh, a tech expert, and developer from SpotnRides enjoys writing about current trends in and actively participating in online forums.

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